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intuitive abstracts
Gayle Lorraine
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after the fire
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a n   u n b e a r a b l e   h e a v i n e s s  / 
a   s t r a n g e   s e n s e   o f    l i g h t n e s s
A continuing exploration of Ivory Black and Titanium White began in May 2014.

With brush and knife and a limitless palette rendered from Ivory Black and Titanium White, I wish to evoke an awakening of my own sub-conscious mind and I ask the viewer to allow the symbols they perceive to inform them of the hidden story of the painting.

In September 2015, 70,000 acres, over 100 square miles of Northern California were destroyed in the wildfire disaster named The Butte Fire.  'Dichotomies' explores and reveals the artist's healing process of recovery from the impact of the trauma.

Acrylic on canvas
Originals available.
Please inquire.
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t h e  p h o e n i x
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c a u g h t   f a l l i n g
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d i s - s o l u t i o n
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p u r e  e m p t i n e s s - d a y  4 2
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s m o k e  a n d  a s h    ( m e m o r y )
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i  f e e l   t h e  u r g i n g  o f   f i n e
r o o t s  e m e r g i n g

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t r a n s f o r m i n g
The Butte Fire came
uninvited to dinner
and furiously fed on
fuel leftover from
15 decades of fire suppression
Came in bellowing
sulfur yellow smoke
I saw its reflection
in crimson clouds
The frenzied feeding
such a terrible freeing
I admit:
I know its longing hunger
I know its desire
for radical change

Was it a sinister beast
or a transforming
providing a fresh start for the anima soul
of the human heart?

It shook up the people
They are trembling still

I am floating
I am falling
Catch me
Buoy me

I am lighter than air
I am heavy stone
melted silver blown glass
incinerated woods
twisted metal
I am fiber and clay

I am a woman coming out of the ashes
Creation at my fingertips

    A Common Question:
So, are you going to
My answer:
Oh yes!
I am re-building now

I am integrating the smoke and ash of my life's dreams and possessions into an intangible structure that is my present state of being

Thanks for asking

The traumatic aftermath of that furious firestorm Is a painful passage

a shattering
a scattering
deep and complete

It shook up the people
They tremble still

When the divisions between people burn away and
the netting created to keep themselves
separate is severed,
what is left is
a fragile joining

a cobweb thread capable of enormous strength

How else to move but forward?

I survive
I hold on
I break down
I let go
I am learning to carry on

I am learning
practical patient courtesy
I am dissolving
I am restructuring.
There is nothing more left to do

I can place no blame on an elemental force.

This is a chance blessing
this dissolution
I journey to discover
what stitches the fabric of my being Who am I?
What am I made of?
Do I only exist as my possessions defined me?

I am breaking up
I am re forming

I may be the seed that needed
fire to free me
I feel the urging of fine roots
seeking soil

I have only two choices:
to live this moment existing from
a great tragedy
a heavy burden
or claim this experience
a creative unfolding

For now
I teeter

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f r o m  t h e  b e l l y  o f   ( m e m o r y )
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l a  v i v e r n a   ( m e m o r y )
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u p d a t e  i n  p r o c e s s
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f l e d g l i n g
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p o s s i b l e   f u t u r e s
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t h e  d r e a m i n g